Matcha Green Tea (Super Tea)

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Antioxidants, clean energy & a delicate flavour!

Top 5 health benefits of our matcha

Steady energy levels

A serving of ‘feel-good’ matcha green tea can keep you going for up to 6 hours! This is thanks to the unique way it slowly releases caffeine.

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Caffeine without the anxiety

35mg of caffeine per serving. A calming release of caffeine that is unique to matcha. A great way to replace coffee/regular tea/energy drinks.

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Boost your metabolism

Scientific studies have shown that green tea increases thermogenesis (the rate your body burns calories). Our matcha is the purest form of green tea.

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Rich in skin-clearing antioxidants

Matcha's antioxidant power is based on catechins which hunt down and destroy the free radicals that can trigger various diseases. The great news is that matcha drinkers consume 137 times more catechins than ordinary green tea drinkers.

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Clear your head

Matcha has positive effects on mood, memory and focus. This is thanks to a special amino acid (l-theanine), which can be found in our matcha.

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Delicate green tea flavour

Our matcha is versatile and mixes easily with hot water/smoothies/baking.

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Why choose matcha green tea?

Our matcha tea is slightly different to regular green tea. It’s grown under cover for the last two weeks before picking, which fills it with extra goodness, and makes it (we think) the best drink in the world.

The specially grown green tea leaves are then carefully ground down to form a fine powder. This enables you to consume all of the natural goodness.

How to use: Mix 1/2 a level teaspoon (around 1g) with hot water/juice/smoothies. Can be used in baking.

Ingredients: 100% finely ground matcha green tea leaves (ceremonial grade). That is all! 

Shelf life: 18 months. Produce of Japan. Suitable for vegans.


How much matcha should I drink? - Most people like to enjoy 1-2 servings a day.

Can I return my product if i'm not happy? - Yes. If you are not happy we are not happy. We offer a unique 30 day money back guarantee. But how? We do not require the returning of products for a refund.