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Does wonders for my acne prone skin

This is the only beauty products I would be upset if it got discontinued. I’ve been buying it over and over in the last couple of years and it suites my acne prone skin perfectly. During the hottest months I apply it directly on the skin after the shower, to not loose the moisture, and during the winter months I apply it after the moisturized to lock the moisture in. It’s not comedogenic and it doesn’t make me break out. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Fantastic facial products

I am so glad that I found out about Purechimp products. I have been using the super cleanser and the super one for 3 months now and my skin has never felt so good. As I suffer from sensitive skin I found it difficult to find something that I could use beyond a few weeks as I would start to get some sort of irritation. The Purechimp products are amazing I have had no reaction at all just fabulous skin. Thank you Purechimp for making such a fabulous product. The extra bonus is I'm helping support the charity.

Shampoo Bar

I wanted to find a shampoo that was totally plastic free in regard to packaging and also fragrance free as I have allergies. Bought this a couple of days ago and it is fab with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly too. Would highly recommend.

Matcha Green Tea

A great way to kick start my day. Love the recipie cards. Going to try it out for a new way to drink my Matcha.

Very good product

I love the taste of the matcha green tea (super tea) and will definitely be buying again. Great tea at a good price.


Love this -I’ve got more energy and my skin is glowing


Mint Matcha Green Tea



zingy and refreshing

First time I have tried lemon matcha as opposed to standard matcha. I love how fresh it is and the zingy aftertaste. Fantastic service from Pure Chimp after a mix up.

Lovin it now

I'd been making it wrong resulting in a bitter grass like taste with sludge left at the bottom of the cup. Now I whisk with cold water then add cooled heated liquid of choice and omg. Its creamy with great flavour. I'm hooked.

Matcha Power

I couldn’t live without my matcha I use it daily and it’s a life saver

Face and such

The oil is tight, makes your face feel nice like the under belly of an eel. Not greasy at all, this is now all I use.

Matcha mint green tea

Easy to drink, now my morning cuppa.

Another amazing matcha

Another lovely addition to the matcha tea range. The lemon gives this tea a fresher taste than the original so is ideal for breakfast time.
Very good quality matcha tea and a really good price .. Can't go wrong with pure chimp


Perfect...although it takes some time to learn how to use it properly...

matcha, matcha man

Lovely matcha at a very good price! Would recommend

Best cup I've ever had

I’ve been drinking matcha for over a decade now and I’ve tried about every brand available. PureChimp’s classic matcha is the best cup I’ve ever had, the delicacy in taste is unrivaled.

Amazing stuff

Been using this for about 5 months now wouldn’t use anything else iv got bags of energy sleeping 100% better it’s managing my menopause symptoms ie mood hot sweats and flushes couldn’t function without it hence why I have it atomically delivered every month and save by doing it this way big thumbs up to purechimp and :tea::thumbsup::type_3:

Very good quality matcha

This was my first time buying this matcha I have one that I usually buy but I wanted to try something different to see if I may find a better price I was nervous because I have had some very gross matcha in the past but this one was in fact very good tasted great no bitter taste smooth texture mixes nicely the only problem for me is that I live in Canada and with the amount of matcha I buy per month it would be too much money for me but this is a great tasting matcha

Lovely latte

Great price and very speedy delivery from pure chimp. Loving my vanilla matcha latte in the morning.

A must have for sensitive skin.

After using it wrong twice and a wee you tube video later I was on track. This is the most gentle cleanser, no irritation on my hypersensitive skin. This cleans the skin without stripping or drying it out. My skin is very comfortable after cleansing. Yummy banana smell. My new favourite, I’ll be stocking up!

Yummy chocolate

Really loved this chocolate treat.



I was unfaithful and learned my lesson.

I tried another matcha tea because it was cheaper but promised the same results. It tasted vile! I will never stray again...


Tastes great, good value and fast delivery. My second time ordering and will be a regular purchase for me.

The best matcha

I use this product everyday, it's great quality!

Love this stuff!!!

I used to drink normal green tea but decided to give this a go after some research and I'm so glad I did because it tastes so much better than the green tea I used to drink with more health benefits. Converted!! Double thumbs up :thumbsup::type_4::thumbsup::type_4:

High-quality product!

I really like what you guys are doing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Tasty tea

I enjoy green tea anyway but the Chimp mint tea is super tasty. Love it

matcha green tea

Great will buy again.

Match green tea

Absolutely love the stuff along with a balanced healthy diet iv lost 5.5 lbs and it's helping with my flushes and hot sweats there not as o often or as aggressive

Bags of energy!!

Thanks to super duper match I am bouncing with energy all day long!


I started drinking matcha green tea about a year and a half ago. I didn't like the taste at first but liked the energy boost it gave me. The real surprise for me was when I noticed I didn't need to take my hay fever tablets, I ran out of tablets and didn't seem to feel the effects of hay fever which is such a bonus as the tablets aren't in any way natural. When I ran out of matcha tea this is when I fully believed the matcha was helping my hayfever, as my symptoms returned! Needless to say I have made sure I have plenty stocked up. I know this isn't the only benefit either which is why I love the stuff so much :tea::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


I use the mint matcha to make matcha latte and the hint of mint just makes it. Will be buying again.

Matcha tea is very good

Matcha tea is very good tea

New lease of life

Have only needed to take it once a day to notice immediate effect - feel invigorated, bags of energy, feeling of wellbeing.


Now on my 3rd order. Love this Matcha !

Match green tea

Love this make ...only buy it now...great value and taste

Love it!

Love this face wash, took a couple of weeks for my skin to get used to it (had a few spots to start with but I do have sensitive skin) - was worth the wait.. my skin feels fresh and clean but not dried out.

Alexis Alam

Great service, tea tastes amazing :blush:


This matcha dissolves in hot water very easily, eliminating the need for a whisk. Both the lemon and mint versions taste amazing, and I feel great after drinking it for a few days. Fast service and friendly emails too! Thanks.

Cleanser and oil

Love the cleanser and oil. The smell is amazing and feels great on my skin. I have really sensitive skin and love using this in the shower in the morning and the oil at night. It's so great you want to eat it!

Matcha green tea

Absolutely love it

super matcha :)

Fairtrade & tasty tea, haven't tried the powder for cooking yet but looking forward to do it :) thank you

Love it

Since I use this oil my sensitive skin looks healthier and glows more. It is a great product and I am happy I found it.

Love it

The mint and matchataste go well together -lovely taste!

Super nice!

Super nice!


I don't usually write reviews for the beauty products I use but I had to for this one. I've nearly finished my first ever pot of this and will definitely be purchasing it again.
It leaves my face clean, soft and is completely natural. I've never ever used a facial cleanser and gone back and bought the same one before. I've been buying different ones every single time I ran out for my entire life. I have recommended this to my friends who agree with me it's the best one they have used. My tiny pot has lasted about 3 months. I've still got some left so I would say each pot lasts about 3 full months of using it day and night.

Excellent service & delivery. This

Excellent service & delivery. This matcha is exactly what I was hoping for, great taste and a clean boost of energy throughout the day. Highly recommend.