Modern Matcha Starter Set

  • modern matcha starter set
  • modern matcha starter set
  • jar of matcha tea
  • matcha spoon
  • electric matcha whisk
  • Modern Matcha Starter Set

Modern Matcha Starter Set

  • 50g matcha + electric whisk + matcha spoon
  • Quick & easy way to make the perfect cup of matcha
  • Feel good energy without the anxiety
  • Matcha packaged in recyclable glass
  • Improve your healthy today
  • Why PureChimp Matcha?

    Why me?

    At PureChimp we are all about health and relaxation, so the last thing you want is to be sipping on powdery lumps because that teaspoon of yours hasn’t cut it.

    Add a gorgeous froth to your feel good matcha green tea. Your new whisk requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

    matcha tea antioxidants

    Other Details

    How to use: Mix 1 level scoop (around 1g) with a dash of cold water & whisk away. Top up with hot water/milk of your choice. Whisk again if required.

    Ingredients for regular matcha: 100% finely ground matcha green tea leaves (ceremonial grade).

    Ingredients for turmeric matcha: 70% finely ground matcha green tea leaves (ceremonial grade), 25% turmeric, 2.5% cinnamon, 2.5% ginger. May contain traces of nuts, mustard and gluten.

    Ingredients for lemon matcha: 80% finely ground matcha green tea leaves (ceremonial grade), 20% lemongrass.

    Ingredients for mint matcha: 90% finely ground matcha green tea leaves (ceremonial grade), 10% fresh mint leaves (peppermint).

    Suitable for vegans.

  • How much does shipping cost? 

    FREE Worldwide delivery on all orders.

    Is your packaging recyclable? 

    95% of products on our website are in recyclable packaging. We try to help to look after the planet by using recyclable glass jars and recyclable card/paper when sending your order.

    Do you use pesticides when growing your matcha? 

    Our matcha is grown without the use of pesticides.

    Why is your matcha fantastic value for money? 

    Our supplier in Japan has been producing the best matcha tea for over 30 years. Thanks to you we are their biggest customer in Europe, which helps us to get a great deal. These cost savings give us the opportunity to provide you with high-quality matcha at affordable prices.

    How much matcha green tea should I drink? 

    Most people like to enjoy 1-2 servings a day. At PureChimp we recommend you consume no more than 5 cups servings a day to keep within the lower recommended caffeine limit.

    Does your matcha green tea contain caffeine? 

    Yes, our Matcha Tea contains around 35mg of caffeine per serving. A serving is 1g (½ a level teaspoon).