Where can I buy matcha green tea?

Where can I buy matcha green tea?

We all know that matcha is pretty great for your body, but you might not know where exactly you can buy the best quality matcha from.

High street shopping

Many of us still like to buy things from actual physical shops and whilst matcha might not be something that you see every day, there are still high street stores that can help you!

Big name health food stores like Holland & Barrett and Wholefoods are good places to start your hunt for matcha and even smaller, independent health food shops may also have it on their shelves.

Currently in the USA you can ever buy matcha in Starbucks, although we are yet to see whether this will hit the UK any time soon.

Not liking the idea of hitting the streets to find your matcha? Then don’t despair!

Just like plenty of products, matcha can be found in online stores just simply by searching for it. 

Let PureChimp help!

Here at PureChimp we stock matcha powder on our online store, whilst we sell our matcha powder at a low price, we are confident in the excellent quality that we stock.

We believe that great matcha doesn’t have to cost the Earth and that it should be easy to buy. That is why we have created our fantastic online store so that you can navigate and purchase your matcha powder (along with a variety of other natural skin and health products) with ease.

Bonus Video - How Is Your Matcha Produced?


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