If there is one thing that many of us are now aware of, it is that we should be doing more to reduce our plastic usage and in turn our plastic wastage.

Wonder what you can do to help? Well, take a look at our top 5 tips to reduce plastic wastage.

Plan ahead

One of the main reasons that we end up using single-use plastics is because we are cut short when out and about.

One thing that can help with this is to plan as much as you can.

We know that this can be hard to do, but it really can have an impact.

The type of things that you can take with you to reduce plastic use includes:

  • Portable cutlery sets
  • Containers and bags
  • Metal straws
  • Reusable coffee cups

Always take your water bottle

One of the biggest problems in the world of single-use plastics has to be water bottles.

We all know that it is essential to keep hydrated, which means that lots of people buy water bottles while they are out and about.

These water bottles are used then put in the bin, which isn’t good for the planet.

A much better idea is to buy yourself a reusable water bottle/flask, it can be all too easy to forget it when you leave the house, but if you remind yourself always carry it, ready to be filled up, then you can take steps to save the planet.

plastic pollution at a beach

Try out local suppliers

Of course a supermarket is easiest to get food from, but one thing that many of the major supermarkets are guilty of is over packaging.

If you have a local fishmonger, butcher or grocer, then you should try as much as you can to use them.

Not only do they often use much lower amounts of packaging, but they also welcome you taking your containers in order to take your purchase home too.

Think about your bathroom too

Many people only focus on their kitchen when it comes to reducing plastic waste.

However, you may be surprised by just how much your bathroom produces.

There are many great companies out there who are trying to help you to reduce plastic use in your home by offering non-plastic packaging.

At PureChimp we package all of our natural skin care products in glass/recyclable paper.

Clean up after yourself

Not only can you try and reduce your plastic usage, but another thing that you can also do is try your best to clean up after yourself too.

Don’t be careless when you are throwing something away and do your best to recycle as much as you can, by following your local council's guidelines.

Use Gov.uk below to see your local councils guidelines on recycling: