The Negative Impact Of Palm Oil Use In Skin Care

Here at Pure Chimp, we have taken steps to make sure that none of the skin care products that we produce has palm oil in them. But why have we done this? 

Palm oil production isn't sustainable

Sustainability is an incredibly important part of our modern world. We want to know that what we buy is having as minimal an impact on the planet as possible.

Unfortunately, only 17% of the palm oil produced around the world is sustainable.

Trees are being cut down to make space for the plantations

To create the plantations that are needed to produce palm oil, the companies responsible will clear down trees that already stand in rainforests.

Deforestation, as this is known, is a contributor to climate change.

When forests are lost, there is a release of carbon into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming.

These trees are then being burned

So, what happens to the trees that are cut down to make way for palm oil plantations?

They are burnt. During this process, there is lots of smoke pumped into the atmosphere, which creates more pollution.

Some of the most vulnerable animals out there are at risk

One of the most shocking outcomes that have arisen from the production of palm oil is the impact that it is having on animals that are already seen as being at risk.

One way that it does this is by removing their homes during the deforestation process.

This includes species such as Orangutans, Sumatran tigers and Clouded Leopards and Sun Bears.

Want to make a difference?

We recommend checking the ingredients of a product when shopping online & offline.

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