In these busy times, we live in, convenience has become a buzzword amongst consumers. We want things quicker, simpler and more immediate than ever before, and we don’t want to wait!

But with convenience comes a price

The ancient art of tea making is one such industry that was built on ritual, where consumers enjoyed the process of brewing and enjoying tea in its purest form.

While there’s no doubting the convenience that tea bags bring, arguably some of the benefits are lost in the process.

With matcha tea finding its way back into fashion (according to The Daily Telegraph “the world seems to have gone bonkers for matcha”), it’s time to explore which is the best way to consume it - in tea bag or powder format?

Bags Vs Powder

We all know the benefits of matcha tea, with its boost of antioxidants, thanks to its high levels of ‘catechins’ among other factors.

But is there a better way to reap the matcha benefits?

The best way to get the full benefit of matcha tea is to use the powder version. With matcha tea powder you ingest the leaves, which contain all the goodness.

Comparatively matcha tea bags tend to contain less than 3% matcha, and are mostly made up of green tea.

The powdered form also benefits from a high concentration of the product, allowing you to enjoy its antioxidant properties.

graph showing antioxidants in matcha tea

Finally, unlike tea bag form, matcha powder is far more versatile.

While it is mostly used for drinking, the powder can also be sprinkled into everyday cooking, from smoothies to soups too, to enjoy in a variety of ways.

One of the few advantages of using a tea bag, however is the convenience of a pre-measured, easy to carry product, despite it having less ‘punch’ than its powdered form.

Matcha Made in Heaven

Aside from being an enjoyable drink, matcha tea is mainly consumed for its host of wellbeing properties.

To really optimise these to their potential, it makes sense to use powdered matcha tea over a tea bag version.