Quick Fix Matcha Latte



1. Add 1/2 a level tsp (around 1g)/1 level scoop of matcha to your cup.

2. Fill just below half of your cup with hot water & whisk away.

3. Top up with your milk of your choice.

This recipe will create a warm matcha latte that is ready to drink straight away.

We enjoy this recipe with 40% hot water and 60% milk.

Adjust the amount of hot water used to increase/decrease the final temperature.

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Fiona OShea

Got to say I love my matcha tea, I actually add it to my morning breakfast shakes. It’s fab. I drink my matcha & lemon tea on its own and love the taste it has a creamy texture that’s very satisfying. So I’m definitely going to try this latte recipe ASAP.

Fiona OShea

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