PureChimp is now a Living Wage Employer

Here at PureChimp we not only stock products to help our customers to feel good, we also want to make sure that we take care of our staff and those that are dedicated to making our business a success.

That is why we are proud to say that we are now recognised as being a Living Wage Employer!

But what is a Living Wage Employer?

Living throughout the UK is becoming more and more expensive. No matter where you live there are things to spend out on and these costs can rack up over time. However, if you look at the National Minimum Wage it isn’t quite at the level that allows someone to live comfortably.

The Living Wage was introduced as a voluntary hourly rate set at a level which matches the basic costs of living in the UK. It has received public backing, however it is not compulsory and is down to the employer to pay.

living wage movement

Why is it so great?

Implementing the living wage is great for employers, staff and the wider society. For business it ensures that those valuable staff members are happy in their work and feel appreciated and rewarded by what they are paid.

For those staff it also means that they bring in more money, helping their family to provide for themselves and live a comfortable life. A higher wage also means that they have to spend less time working and can, instead spend time with their families.

The wider society benefits as more and more people are encouraged to work, reducing the levels of poverty and making for a happier community!

So, that’s why PureChimp are proud to be Living Wage Employers; and we hope that more and more companies will join us in this pretty fantastic club!

Check the current Living Wage rates here: http://www.livingwage.org.uk/

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Thanks Susanne. We appreciate the kind words and we we agree with you :)


We’ll done to you Pure chimp, I hope other companies follow suit


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