Matcha has been on the TV and it is great news! - Superfoods The Real Story

Matcha has been on the TV and it is great news! - Superfoods The Real Story

We are not sure if you have watched the Superfoods Series that has been on Channel 4; it is a documentary series that covers some of the world’s most popular super foods, uncovering whether they are as super as we hope that they are.

You might notice a familiar food on there! 

Well, episode 2 in the series covered a superfood that we know just a little bit about, our green tea friend, matcha; and you know what is the best bit? They love it just as much as we do!

The present of the show, Kate Quilton travels to Japan to find out if matcha really can have a positive effect on your hearth health.

Taking in some history

Before the science comes in, the programme covers some of the facts, figures and history that surrounds matcha. From finding out that Japan exported 140 tonnes during 2015, we also get to see just how popular matcha is in Japan.

Supermarkets feature not only the powder itself, but also a variety of foods all with the matcha flavouring. 

The process

After sitting in a tea ceremony, Kate, the presenter heads up the Shizoka mountains to see a tea plantation and find out how matcha is produced. The intricate and specialist process is showcased and we find out that matcha, green and black tea is all grown from the same plant, however it is the process that makes the difference to the health content and colour.

It's time for science

At the Shizoka University Tea Science Centre we learn more about how matcha is a powerful tool for a healthy heart. The world leading expert on tea who has studied the health benefits of matcha for over 40 years tells us that matcha is a great way to protect our bodies from those harmful free radicals that can get into our blood stream and damage the artery walls which can lead to blood clots forming.

So how does matcha help?

Matcha contains an antioxidant called EGCG. This helps keep our arteries smooth and clear.

They show us this visually by mixing some matcha with a jug filled with murky purple water (free radicals). The experiment shows us that even with a small amount of matcha the water turns from dark purple to bright yellow and in seconds too. 

When compared to black tea (which is the brew that we all enjoy on a daily basis) the results show that matcha has a far great effect ton free radicals then black tea.

What do they think about matcha?

Well, they think that matcha has definitely earnt the title of superfood! Which is great news for us and even better news for those who are already enjoying a matcha on a daily basis.

If you want to see for yourself the great things that have been said about matcha then you can catch up on Series 2, Episode 2- Matcha Tea, Argan and Coconut Water on All 4. So why not give it a watch and see just why your daily cup of matcha is doing your body so much good.

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