As Monday rolls around again, a strong cup of coffee is how many of us start the working week. The rush of caffeine delivers a much-needed boost to perk us up for the rest of the day.

However, with its stress-reducing properties, antioxidant benefits and gentle caffeine boost, many people are making the switch to matcha tea.

It’s no surprise then, that matcha is known to have greater well-being benefits than coffee.

Curious? You should be, here’s why…

Matcha Vs Coffee

Unlike coffee, the antioxidants in matcha have anti-inflammatory properties.

You might also be surprised to know that matcha tea caffeine levels are roughly 35mg per 1g serving.

However, the difference being that you won’t suffer from jitters with matcha. Its gentle caffeine boost offers a ‘clean high’ with a slow release of energy.

A Calming Cuppa

When stress levels are high, turning to a cup of coffee is likely to increase adrenaline levels, since it is a stimulant.

Matcha however, has been found to have a calming effect, which may help in times of stress or anxiety.

Research by Current Pharmaceutical Design has shown that matcha benefits include “relaxation, tension and calmness”. This is mainly due to it containing ‘L-Theanine’, a powerful amino acid.

Matcha is the new Green!

When it comes to relaxing and winding down, matcha makes a great alternative to coffee.

It still boosts energy levels, but with added antioxidant benefits and calming properties for your overall wellbeing.


Why not substitute one of your daily cup's of coffee for matcha tea and see the difference for yourself!