Lemon Matcha Latte



1. Sieve ½ tsp PureChimp Lemon Matcha into a small bowl/matcha bowl.

2.Add a dash of warm coconut milk and whisk to create a matcha paste.

3.Pour in heated coconut milk and whisk again for 1 minute.

4.Sip and enjoy!

Note: this recipe doesn’t need any sweetening. A combination of the lemon matcha and coconut milk gives it the perfect balance of sweetness.

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Thanks for the message Christy. We have sent you direct message via e-mail to fox this for you. We have now moved back to the original matcha for all flavoured matcha and regular matcha :)

Christy Higgins

Hi, The last packet of matcha tea is all lumpy no matter what you use to whisk it. Christy

Christy Higgins

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