14 1g servings of non-organic matcha on teaspoons

Is Organic Matcha Really Better Than Non-Organic Matcha?


Today, we’re going to examine whether organic matcha is better than non-organic matcha or whether it holds any benefits whatsoever.

The Japanese View

The Japanese have been drinking non-organic matcha for years with seemingly no consequences. Organic matcha farming is a recent development, but it has no potential to take over in Japan simply because of the economic impact.

Organic matcha has become popular outside of Japan.

Nutritional Profile

Organic foods are frequently thought to contain a higher flavour range than non-organic. But some recent studies have shown organic and conventional vegetables offer similar levels of many nutrients.


In general, organic food has been found to have fewer pesticides. This is undoubtedly the case with matcha green tea. Avoiding pesticides is probably the main benefit of drinking organic matcha.

PureChimp Matcha

We have now moved to a NEW Organic Matcha. We have managed to do this without compromising on quality or increasing our prices. Yes, this matcha is more expensive for us to buy, but we have decided to absorb these extra costs.


At the end of the day, it’s your choice whether you choose to pick non-organic over organic. If you want to avoid pesticides, then it really is best to go organic with matcha. 

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