Struggling with bad breath? Here are some natural cures

Pongy old protein

One thing that could be causing an issue with your breath is your tendency to reach for meat, dairy and fish when it comes to your meal choices.

Protein rich foods can cause the bacteria in your mouth to thrive and in turn these bacteria emit sulphur (the thing that brings about the bad smells). Eggs, nuts and seeds can also contain plenty of protein which also has an effect on your oral hygiene.

If you are not quite ready to hand over that steak knife just yet then why not make sure that you brush your teeth after eating any protein rich foods.

Sweet tooth

Sugar, in its variety of forms is not only bad for your teeth but it can also lead to bad breath too. Sugar that is found in sweets, mints and chewing gum can be a super fuel to bacteria that is found in your mouth which may be surprising since so many of them claim to help this issues.

When reaching for the mints when you feel the need to freshen up you should instead use products that contain Xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetening agent and is better for your teeth!

A sticky situation

Are you someone who loves nothing more than biting into a hot slice of toast slathered in peanut butter? If you are then you might see a decline in your oral hygiene.

The sticky nature of peanut butter can be left in your mouth for a number of hours and this can lead to microbes eating away at the residue.

These microbes will then in turn let off a rather pungent odour which isn’t so great for your breath.

Awful acids

Bacteria reproduction is sped up but acidic foods and drinks. These include tomato juice, citrus juice, pasta sauce, ketchup olives, butter and fatty meats. Cutting down on these foods, or at least being aware that you need to clean your teeth after eating them can help with your oral hygiene.

Stinky supplements

Whilst you may think that those vitamin rich supplements are doing you good, the opposite could be true for your mouth.

Supplements that contain garlic oil are (unsurprisingly) linked to bad breath due to the allylmethyl sulphide that they contain.

As well as garlic based supplements, the ones that contain Omega-3 fatty acids (such as fish oil) can also cause your breath to smell less than sweet.

So if you are worried about your oral hygiene, why not take a look at your diet and see if that might just be to blame.

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