Feeling the pain of those cocktails? Here are our healthy hangover cures!

Feeling the pain of those cocktails? Here are our healthy hangover cures!

Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice

If you are struggling with that sick feeling then this juice combination might just be right for you. Not only does it calm down your stressed out stomach but it is also great for giving you some much needed antioxidants and vitamins to help get you feeling back to your best.

Coconut Water

When you wake up with the feeling that you have spent a night in the desert, then you should be grabbing coconut water. This particular drink has lots of electrolytes within it which are amongst the best things to rehydrate you fully!

Dark Chocolate

Perhaps one of the best tips on the list, allowing yourself a few pieces of high quality dark chocolate when you wake up will give your serotonin levels a much needed boost and have you feeling that little bit perkier (it also tastes pretty great too!)

Super Smoothie

Now we do have to admit that this particular smoothie will require some forward planning, but if you have a berry mix in your freezer then blending it with rice milk will work wonders for your hangover. It contains natural fructose which is ideal to give your tired body and mind a bit of kick start. 

Nut Butter on whole grain toast

We are sure you know all about the high protein and carb content of almonds and cashews; but did you know that they are ideal after a big night out to give you some much needed energy? Whether you enjoy a few teaspoons of nut butter on its own or spread it on some lovely crunchy toast; the natural omegas that they contain will have you feeling great in no time!

Manuka Honey in a cup of Matcha Tea

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pure Chimp list without a bit of Matcha thrown in! Manuka honey mixed in with your favourite cup of green tea not only tastes pretty darn good but it will give your brain some much needed glucose as well as giving your energy levels a bit of  top up.


So there you have it, here at Pure Chimp we say go ahead and be merry (in moderation of course) and if you do feel a little on the fuzzy side come the morning, take some of our top tips on board and you will be back on your feet and ready to party again in no time!

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