Why Matcha Green Tea?

Why Matcha Green Tea?

It tastes great

Not only can you enjoy matcha on its own but you can use it to make fantastic smoothies and even cakes; meaning that you can enjoy your health boost in a variety of tasty ways!

Not sure of eating a rabbit's diet? Then Matcha might be for you!

We all know that getting your 5 a day isn't always easy; especially if the junk food calls. But by enjoying a daily Matcha you know that you will be getting all the good stuff, even if the rest of the day isn't going so well!

It makes you feel great!

Okay so it might not be as great as a good grooming session, but the benefits of drinking matcha green tea may have you feeling absolutely puuurrrfect!

So if you want to feel good on the inside  then why not take a tip from the Japanese and enjoy a frothy green cup of matcha! 

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