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Best detox foods!


If you have decided to enter into a detox plan then one of the first things that you will need to think about is what foods you are actually going to eat.

Here we have some of the best detox foods that you can include in your diet and just why they are so darn great!


The humble yellow lemon is a definite must have to kickstart your detox plan into action. It not only stimulates the digestive system into releasing enzymes and Vitamin C but it also converts toxins into a form that can easily be expelled from your body. If that wasn’t enough it can even purify your blood! All that in one fruit!


They don’t say an apple a day keeps the doctor away for nothing. Apples are surprisingly full of fibre and also have the nutrients in them that we all need to help stimulate production of bile. Bile is used by the liver to release toxins from our body, which is why apples are a definite for your detox snacks!


Garlic, especially raw has powerful properties; antiseptic, antiviral and even antibiotic! Another great thing about garlic is that it can kickstart the liver to provide enzymes which is vital for a healthy digestive system.


Beetroot is one of the most famous health foods around; these veggies are absolutely packed full with things that your body need to function well. Beta-carotene, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and even vitamins B3, B6 and C; all of these can be found in beets! This collection of nutrients assist the liver and gall bladder in their all important jobs, breaking down toxins which is vital for detoxing.

Green vegetables

There is a reason why detox plans often include plenty of green vegetables; the chlorophyll that they contain. Chlorophyll is vital for the body to rid itself of toxins that have built up. Aside from what they can do for you, green vegetables are a plenty and you have lots of different varieties to choose from when planning your meals. Broccoli, cucumbers, celery, spinach; the possibilities are endless!

Green tea

Following the green theme we have our favourite; green tea. Green tea is a staple of any detox plan, not only is packed full of vitamins, minerals and healthy helpers but it also can be used in a variety of recipes and tastes pretty good too!

That’s just some ideas of foods that you need to have in  your next detox plan; so why not take the time to cleanse your body and put in place a change to your diet today!

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