The top 5 best natural beauty tips for youthful skin

Drink water and plenty of it

It may seem like one of the most obvious tips, but drinking plenty of water is something that many people overlook in their daily routine. Water is vital for keeping your skin looking smooth and plump; yet with it evaporating from your skin every single day, it needs to be regularly replenished. Try to drink around 8 glasses of water a day at least and you will soon see some improvements to your skin!

Have a handful of nuts

Many nuts & seeds are a good source of protein and zinc; the protein helps the body to produce collagen and the zinc has anti-inflammatory abilities too.

Cook your tomatoes

Sounds like a bit of an odd tip, but when it comes to youthful skin the humble tomato could have exactly what you are looking for. Tomatoes contain plenty of Lycopene which is an antioxidant designed to protect the skin from sun damage.

By cooking the tomatoes before you eat you help the body to absorb the Lycopene, meaning that you will be better protected; plus they taste pretty good cooked too!

A bit of honey goes a long way

Aside from being a touch extravagant, the old myth of milk and honey baths may have been to keep the bathers skin looking at its best. Honey especially is great for your skin. It moisturizes, it is full of antioxidants and it opens up those blocked pores ready to be cleaned out. It also costs a fraction of the price of some of the more expensive face masks, washes and cleansers out there yet can have great results for your skin.

Matcha anyone?

Of course, here at Pure Chimp we know that green tea and matcha especially is a great solution for a range of health issues. Packed with antioxidants, just a cup of matcha a day will not only have you feeling great but also will improve the Catechin levels in your skin. 

This antioxidant protects you from sun damage and can even delay the onset of wrinkles too!

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