When it comes to enjoying a balanced and nutritional diet many people know that they should up their intake of fruit and vegetables and perhaps reduce their levels of salt, sugar and fat.

But what about other changes that you should make to your diet to ensure a healthy and happy body?

How about eating less meat? This may not instantly jump into your mind, but is one of the things that we all should be putting in place on a daily basis.

Science shows that on average 3oz or 85g of chicken or fish per day is all the human body needs to eat. That’s really not much meat when you think about it.  So what is so bad about having a largely meat based diet?


The first thing that a meat reduced diet can bring is better health. A diet that is low in meat and high in other sources of protein can not only help you to lose weight but is also thought to reduce your risk of dangerous diseases such as heart disease and cancer.


Meat costs, this is a simple fact. If you decide to reduce the amount of meat that you have in your diet then you are also likely to see a reduction in your shopping bill and saving money is definitely something that we could all benefit from.

Discovering new flavours

If you find that you are stuck in somewhat of a cooking bind then maybe it is time to explore new foods. What better excuse is there then replacing your normal meat portion with some other protein rich food. Beans, pulses, lentils all of these things can make an appearance in your dinners and in doing this you will discover a whole host of new flavours, recipes and meals that you never even knew existed!

reduce co2 emissions

The wider environment

Aside from our health, those who eat meat on a regular basis will often have a larger carbon footprint then those who don’t and for the environmentally conscious people amongst us, a larger carbon footprint certainly isn’t a good thing.

So what are you waiting for? Whilst you may not want to embrace a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle; you can certainly feel the benefit just by taking your meat intake down a few marks. And whilst you are looking at your diet, you could always give your body a bit of an extra boost with some great Matcha tea or other vitamin boosting options known to  help your body and mind.