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Most of us, at some point in our lives, will have suffered from sensitive skin in one form or another. This may mean that you're more prone to spots, blemishes and even rashes on your skin which can not only look unsightly but also feel uncomfortable too.

But what can you do to help your sensitive skin and what things are best to avoid if you don’t want to be struggling with a flare up?

Never pick

One of the worst things that you can do with sensitive skin is to pick away at any blemishes or rashes that have come up. The trauma that your fingernails can cause to the skin is rather surprising and also, as your nails are a breeding ground for bacteria picking can cause infections that may look even worse.

 Avoid perfume

We are not talking about your favourite spritz here, more so those products that are heavily fragranced. A lovely smelling face cream can be a tempting purchase, but the perfumes that these contain can be one of the main culprits for a reaction.

Let it breathe

When you have a flare up on your face you might be tempted to cover it as best you can with make-up; however this can cause even further problems. Try to stay away from the foundation and concealer as best you can, giving your skin the chance to breathe is one way to help it get back to its best.

Keep hydrated

glass of waterWater is a wonder cure for your skin; keeping it looking fresh and glowing. You should aim to drink at least eight glasses of water every day and it isn’t just your skin that will thank you for it; your whole body can benefit from this level of water intake. You can also enjoy a nice cup of Matcha tea too to keep you hydrated. 

Protect your skin

Although the summer seems to be drawing to a close, if there are those odd days of light amongst the grey you should pop on some suncream. UV rays are one of the most dangerous things to skin in general and you should take every care when the sun is blazing down. SPF 30 or higher is the best option in order to minimize the risk of some of the damage that the sun can cause.

Wash little

Overwashing your face can also cause problems for those with sensitive skin. This is especially true if you use soap, which can strip away layers of your skin and dry it out, meaning that you are left with chapped and irritated skin. Try to wash your face only once or twice a  day at most and always with a gentle soap or even better, just water.

Never suffocate

Much like the rules with make-up, applying too many products to your face can suffocate the skin and irritate it. You should never apply more than 3 products at a time to your skin as it will never absorb all of the product and can leave you with irritated skin.

Hopefully these top tips have shown you how you can limit the amount of flare up's that your sensitive skin has!