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Matcha quality variety

When it comes to enjoying matcha you may think that all of the green powder available is the same; however this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there is a real variety in the quality of matcha powders that are available and it can really effect the taste and enjoyment that you have from your big cup of green tea.


Green Tea leavesThe taste of your cup of matcha tea might be the last pointer towards its quality, however it can sometimes be the biggest sign of whether or not you have a good one.  A good quality match will be less bitter than low quality matcha; a sign that it is full of L-Theanine (an amino acid) which means that it should be clean-tasting. If you have a low quality matcha then it is likely to contain less L-Theanine (perhaps due the growing environment) and therefore it will be really bitter.

The look

When you have made your cup of matcha, before you have even decided to take a sip , you can often tell whether or not it is high grade. Much like the Hulk, with matcha the greener the better as this means it is has been grown according the procedure and has had lots of shade to make it overproduce the cholorphyll that gives it the colour. If the green is less vibrant then it means that it has not been grown properly, or perhaps harvested from older parts of the plant and therefore may not contain as much of the good stuff that you would expect.

Where is it from?

It is a simple fact that the very best matcha available on the market will be from Japan; after all that is the very heart of the matcha growing industry. The environment and processes used in Japan means that the leaves harvested here are only the freshest, greenest leaves and therefore make the best matcha tea. It also helps that the Japanese people have been mastering the art of growing matcha for many a decade now and are experts in every aspect of the product.

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