Beer in your hair?

Beer in your hair?

You might think we have gone a little bit mad with this particular blog post,  especially when you conjure up images of rubbing a freshly poured pint on your head.  But in actual fact, it has been said over recent times that a great way to give your hair a boost and keep it looking fresh and shiny is to use some flat beer.

With everything that you may do to your hair on a daily basis, straightening, washing, brushing, styling and of course going out where it may be ravaged with pollution. Most of us welcome any tips that can have our hair looking and feeling great!

So, do you want to know more about this frankly rather interesting sounding idea?

Beer in the garden

Beer can help it grow

Using beer to condition your hair isn’t a new fad, in fact for quite a few years women have been claiming that their soft, shiny hair is thanks to a pint of beer (and not down the pub of a Saturday night). 

Beer is known to be rich in proteins and vitamins thanks to the barley and hops that help to make it. The proteins especially provide some much needed help with strengthen and repair  the cuticles from which your hair grows, meaning that you should see a fuller thicker mane!

Beer can help it shine

Aside from improving the quality and growth of your hair; beer also makes sure that once it has grown it is looking its best. Applying beer to your hair can make it appear much shinier too. That’s because it includes B vitamins and natural sugars which boosts the shine already radiating from the newly smoothed follicles.

Using beer as a hair rinse

There are a couple of different ways that you can use beer on your hair but one of the most popular is as a hair rinse whilst you are shampooing and conditioning. To make the perfect beer mixture use room temperature beer (just a ¼ of a cup should do) and mix it with equal measures of water. It is a good idea to add apple cider vinegar (if you have it) as this can help with the smell, unless that is of course you are rather partial to the scent of a good pint.

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Once you have used shampoo and conditioner you should completely cover the hair with the pre mixed beer rinse and leave it to soak in for a few minutes before rinsing off. It is recommended that you do this only once or twice a month to really rid your hair of any unwanted chemicals.

Using beer as a leave-in conditioner

You can also use beer as a leave in conditioner rather than when you wash your hair. If you want to do this instead then just mix the beer as above but pop it in a spray bottle. Whenever you feel  that your hair needs  a boost in the volume department all you need to do is spritz and it will be good to go. 

So there you have it, just two ways that you can use beer to boost your hair; of course, one other way to keep yourself healthy and looking great is by drinking Matcha Green Tea,  although we don’t recommend rubbing that particular beverage all over your hair!

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