What is matcha green tea?

What is matcha green tea?

One of the most popular types of green tea at the moment has to be Matcha. Matcha is a 100% all natural product using green tea leaves that are ground down into a fine powder rather than being used in their leaf form.

Whilst it might be a newer name on the block in this country Matcha has been part of the tea ceremony in Japan for around 900 years and is even the drink of choice to keep Buddhist monks awake and alert during their meditation sessions.

So where does this magic Matcha come from?

It is produced from the green tea leaves that are usually used in standard green tea drinks; however when it comes to Matcha the tea leaves are grown under cover for the last two weeks of the process. By doing this they produce more of the powerful green-ness that gives the powder its superhero properties.

Once they are powered up and good to go the tea leaves are dried and slowly ground between two granite rocks until they are in a very fine powder. This powder is packed into a vacuum sealed tin making sure that all those lovely nutrients are locked away ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

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