Matcha V Coffee ImageWhen it comes to settling down and enjoying a warm beverage we all have our favourites. Some love the rich darkness of a cup of coffee whilst others may relax and unwind with a steaming hot cup of tea.

There is now a new trendy kid on the block that goes by the name of Matcha; the hot/cold drink that gives you the boost that you need with a whole host of other benefits too. If you need more convincing to switch to Matcha then why not read through these below points and see exactly what Matcha can do for you that coffee simply can’t!

Caffeine Kick

Many people turn to coffee when they need a bit of an energy boost, this is because it contains a high level of caffeine which will give your adrenaline and cortisol levels a bit of a pump up.

Unfortunately the caffeine that is contained in coffee also dips out of your system quickly meaning that you can crash afterwards and leading you to grab another mug.

In comparison; whilst the caffeine content in Matcha is less than it is in coffee it releases the energy contained within it slower into your body. This means that you won’t feel that associated rush of energy or the crash afterwards.

Health perks

When it comes to comparing coffee with Matcha in the world of health benefits it is easy to see that Matcha comes out on top.

Let’s look at some of the issues that affect those who drink a high amount of coffee and see how these would be affected by making a switch to Matcha instead.

Bad breath and dental health- Those who drink coffee often suffer with bad breath. They also see an increased level of staining of the enamel on the teeth meaning that their teeth will need cleaning on a more regular basis. Matcha has been known to eradicate the bacteria in the mouth that causes plaque; boosting oral health and hygiene. It also leaves no stains on the teeth.

Addictiveness and the jitters- One of the biggest issues with coffee is that it is addictive; meaning that people can become hooked on those spikes of energy and drink more coffee in order to feel them. Those who drink regular coffee also feel jitters or shakes when they have drank a cup, or perhaps when they have gone without. In comparison, Matcha tea gives an overall calm and relaxed feeling and is in no way addictive; even for the regular drinker!

Packing some extras

There are also some extras that can be found in Matcha that you simply will not find in coffee.

Matcha is packed with more antioxidants than coffee, which have huge health benefits including improvements to the skin and detoxifying properties for the liver too. Matcha has also been shown to improve weight loss in people who drink it regularly; showing an increase of 17% in fat burning! Pretty impressive stuff hey?

Easy to master!

image for making matcha green tea

If you need anything else to tempt you over to the green side then our last point is that Matcha is much easier to make and quicker to enjoy than a cup of coffee. In fact, whilst some will never master the art of the perfect coffee; everyone can be a Matcha master.

Within 30 seconds you can have a steaming hot mug of Matcha in your hands and be ready to settle down on the chair of your choice and enjoy or you can even enjoy it mixed with your favourite juice/smoothie.