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How To Store Matcha Green Tea

We should start of by saying, Matcha green tea doesn’t like heat, it doesn't like air, and it doesn’t like light. These are the 3 key points to consider when storing your matcha.

After opening

Once your matcha green tea has been opened, it’s best to consume within 12 weeks. This ensures optimum freshness, colour, and taste. It will still be fine to consume after 12 weeks (please see best before date for an expiry date) but your matcha will have lost some of it’s natural goodness and freshness.

This is a great rule to live by when it comes to the wonderful matcha green tea “drink it when it’s hypergreen and vibrant.”

Storing your matcha

Once you have consumed your first serving of this wonderful product be sure to store matcha in a cool dark place or your fridge. It’s really important to store it properly: it’s absolutely key to fostering the tea’s taste, colour, umami content, froth-ability, and health properties.

Now you know how to store matcha green tea it’s time to consume it one of the following ways to reap all the amazing benefits.

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