super chimp flyingThere are so many people who let others lead because they lack the courage to stand up. Being lead in a direction that they are not happy with or being lead without asking why or if something can be changed, not even being lead maybe just following like a lost sheep. Inside this sheep is a person dying to break free but doesn’t know how to, is scared or simply feels content even though they know they can do better.

Take Action

Becoming an Action Person or even just someone who can lead or just does things without procrastinating doesn’t mean heading out and buying a superhero outfit, military uniform or new smart “I am the boss” suit, it doesn’t even need a job title. A person of action just does; heart and head work together and action happens. Instinct and gut feel play a greater role life and experience tells you that you are right. Everything you need is inside you whether you are a chief executive of a company or a housewife, it is inside you.

Super You

You don’t suddenly become a person of action by abseiling down the side of a building dressed as Spiderman or saving the world as Wonder Woman, unless that really is your thing, and you don’t do it by doing a donut in the car park before you leap out of your vehicle thinking how cool you look and you most certainly don’t do it by just looking amazing in your designer outfit that never gets creased no matter what you do. You get to become a person of action through deeds in small ways, by plucking up the courage to challenge or question a decision. The little things matter; asking a co-worker if you can make them a hot drink or commenting on noticeboards or discussion forums, just doing it.


Volunteering is a place where action comes from within, taking time out of your valuable day and helping others in a soup kitchen, coaching football or simply helping a charity raise funds changes a person. The energy received, the life lessons learnt and the challenges you can overcome through volunteering can and will give you confidence in other areas of life making more noise in the right ears than any superhero saving the world from destruction ever could.

Improving Yourself

We are all anxious to improve ourselves, some of us just don’t do it, and others try too hard. The truth is that inside we can all do it, we just need to follow our heart, balance things out in our head and act as if nothing can harm us and to a degree just do what comes naturally. The defining difference between a person of action and a person of none lies solely in one’s own self-confidence, build this up by either being bold in the work place, finding a place where you can learn about your self-confidence or just by doing something where your natural gifts shine through perhaps through volunteering and you will win. Become a person of action, the hero inside, don’t try too hard and you will be the change.