Supplementing the Diet

Supplementing the diet can be an extremely effective way of dealing with poor skin, but it is a solution that is often overlooked.

Fish oils, Green Tea, Evening Primrose Oil are just some of the popular dietary supplements that can have a positive effective but there is one mineral that can make a remarkable difference to the skin: zinc gluconate.

The Power of Zinc

Studies have proven time and time again that zinc can help to clear up a bad complexion – and it can be far cheaper than continually buying the latest acne product on the market in hopes of a miracle cure.

Studies have shown that Zinc Gluconate can:

  • Reduce the number of acne lesions on the skin
  • Act as an effective anti-inflammatory that can help to calm the redness associated with acne, which will make the complexion look worse
  • Help with the transportation of vitamin A to the skin; vitamin A is known for its many benefits to the overall look of the complexion

Why does Zinc Gluconate work for Acne sufferers?

Many studies have shown that acne sufferers tend to have low levels of zinc when compared with individuals that have healthy levels of the mineral.

Statistics show that the higher the levels of zinc are, the lower the incidence of acne.

Zinc from Diet

Another way to supplement with zinc is to increase the number of foods that contain zinc.

Foods high in this mineral include sea foods, nuts and seeds and meats such as liver, lamb and beef – although don’t indulge in too much meat as it’s not ideal for your cholesterol levels.