Is low-self esteem holding you back? Within us all we have the potential to be great and create a just do it attitude. The number 1 thing that can hold us back is a lack of self confidence.

What do most successful people have in common? Self-confidence.

Self talk

Once a day give yourself 1 minute of self talk in the mirror. Tell yourself you look amazing, you're successful, you're a great person etc and try to relate it to yourself. Look into your eyes when doing this to avoid looking for any flaws in your appearance.

It may feel strange at first but nobody needs to know you are doing this. It can be your confidence boosting secret.

Listen to a recording

Record a 1 minute speech talking positively about yourself and imagining you are where you dream to go. Example below (repeat all x 3).

  • I like myself & I'm good looking (x3)
  • I’m a successful entrepreneur (x3)
  • I’m a nice, likeable & fun person (x3)
  • I’m great at helping people (x3)
  • I look great because I look after my body (x3)


At the end of each day write down 1 positive event that happened and 3 things that you are grateful for. Example below.

Event - Had drink with my good friend and had a catch up.

Grateful - Fresh water & food. A great family. Opportunities available in my country.

Surround yourself with good people

The people you spend your time with will have a significant impact on your moods and self confidence. Spending time with decent nice people will help to grow your confidence. People that put you down are not worth the time of day.

crowd of people


Visualise yourself living an amazing life with all the things you would like to have. Maybe it’s a gorgeous house on the seaside with a family and kids. Lots of free time to do the hobbies you enjoy. Completing charity work with a group of smiley happy kids etc.

Elite sportsman use visualisation as it really can help you to get to where you want to go.


Now it’s time to Just Do It! Boost your confidence from this day on. Print out this page or add each task into your daily calendar to give yourself a reminder. 10-15 minutes a day is all you need. Remember positive confident people also tend to be successful & happy.