Spirulina is a unique blue green algae that is rich in chlorophyll and many other life-giving nutrients.

But why is it becoming a popular addition to peoples diets? What are the benefits?

Below is are our top 3 benefits.

Allergy Help

In a 2005 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, it was found that spirulina helped in inhibiting many allergic reactions in the body, particularly among those who suffer from allergic rhinitis.

itchy eczema

Helps remove toxins from your blood

Spirulina powder helps to remove toxins that build up in your system.

This is great news for people with various skin problems in particular dry skin, dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis as a toxins overload can lead to an outbreak.

Naturally boost your immune system

This is another fantastic benefit for people with dry skin, dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis as a strong immune system will help your skin to deal with these issues.

In most cases these skin conditions start from within your body. Also good quality natural skin care products are there to help soothe & calm down the skin.

How to take

We strongly recommend mixing spirulina with your favourite juice or adding it to a smoothie.

It has a strong taste that needs to be disguised. 1 teaspoon once a day is an ideal serving.