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The top 5 vitamins and minerals that you can get with food!

It seems like during this health conscious era that has developed over recent years there has been an increase in people deciding to take multivitamin supplements in order to improve their health.

But what some “fashion health eaters” may not realise is that the best way to get these much needed boosters is through food. Just cook, eat, use super foods and feel healthy.

In fact a truly remarkable array of key vitamins and minerals can be taken from whole foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, green tea, herbs and beans. Here are the top five that are best taken from food rather than from a packet!

Vitamin B12

This critical vitamin is vital in the normal function of your nervous system as well as preventing anemia and improving the formation of red blood cells throughout the body. Your best bet when looking to increase Vitamin B12 is to eat plenty of meat and animal products. Fish, poultry, meat, eggs and milk all have an important part to play in increasing the amount of this vitamin in your body.

Vitamin A

Most of us know that Vitamin A is important for your health; it boosts your immunity as well as improving vision too. The best foods to eat if you are looking to increase your Vitamin A are yellow, orange and red foods. For example; squash, carrots, apricots and mangos. As well as these items you can also increase the spinach, fish and eggs in your diet to see an improvement.


Zinc is important in helping the immune system to fight off any bacterias and viruses that may make their way into your body. It is also vital in making protein and DNA as well as healing wounds and improving your senses of taste and smell. Whilst it may not be everyone’s favourite food, oysters are known to contain more zinc than any others. However if you cannot stomach these sea based critters then beans, matcha green tea, nuts and whole grains are other great options.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only a fantastic antioxidant but is also involved in protein metabolism within your body. The most well known source of Vitamin C seems to be citrus fruits however green, orange and red vegetables, fruits and matcha green tea are also great sources of this vitamin. So if you feel that your body needs a bit of a boost then you should be cooking with plenty of spinach greens and chard or perhaps enjoying a matcha green tea super shot.


Calcium is possible one of the most recognisably needed vitamins in the world. Of course, we all know that it is vital for bone health and muscle function. Of course the best place to up your calcium is with dairy; so plenty of milk and cheese should feature in your diet but if dairy isn’t an option for you (you have acne prone skin or you're allergic) then perhaps you will want to include spinach and kale in your cooking!

Get your fix!

Now, you might find that all this cooking and eating is too much hassle or perhaps you are looking for a quick fix in the vitamin department? If that is true for you then you will be pleased to know that our super tea can give you the fix that you really need; quickly and easily, with the simple click of a kettle or by adding to your favourite juice/smoothie.