moisturizing in the mirrorAs an ex acne sufferer myself I understand how difficult it can be to find a moisturiser for your acne prone skin.

After years of experience, information gathering, trial & error it’s become apparent moisturising is a must for acne prone skin. 

Why should I moisturise my acne prone skin?

For most of us not moisturising produces oil to help keep our skin lovely and soft. Unfortunately this oil can then lead to spots. Using a moisturiser is a way of telling your skin “Please don't produce any more oil I have enough and my acne prone skin can’t take anymore.”

How should I moisturise my acne prone skin?

The tips below are really important when it comes to moisturising acne prone skin.

1. Find a moisturiser that will not block your pores

2. Try to find a product that is also great for sensitive skin

3. Use only a small pea sized amount when you moisturise (this is vital). Using too much can break you out in spots, even if the moisturiser guidance states it will not block your pores.


Moisturising can help acne for sure. But be sure to consider the tips above before you smother your face.