working out at the gym*YAWN* something that we all find ourselves doing from time to time. For some it seems that no matter how much sleep we get or how much we feel rested in the morning; come the afternoon then the daily grind of work or looking after a family has depleted our energy reserves.

It seems that in this situation, the most popular way to boost energy levels is to grab a nice strong cup of tea or coffee and in more extreme circumstances, an energy drink. Whilst this can be a short term fix for the problem you are likely to see another crash and burn when the caffeine runs out.

So what else can you do in order to give your body back its zizz and replenish your get up and go, before it gets up and leaves you completely? We have 5 top tips to give you a push when you need it most and all of them offer a healthy approach to energy enhancement.

1. Replace that coffee with a cup of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green tea is an ancient tool in the battle against the afternoon slump, in fact it has actually formed the boost behind the battles. Drank by the Samurai warriors before they went to war, this energising tea is a type of green tea, which naturally contains caffeine. Matcha has an extra boost because it is combined with other key nutrients essential in providing the body with a good clean energy boost and has been known to wake you up for up to 6 hours.

2. Drink plenty of water

Okay, we know it isn’t the most exciting of flavours but the humble glass of water can have a really positive impact on your body. In fact starting the day with a big glass of water will replenish the water that your body has lost during the night. This will wake up the cells and get your blood flowing.

3. Stretching it out and moving around

Studies have shown that by getting up and taking as little as a 10 minute walk you can see a two hour long boost in your energy reserves. Of course, this might not be possible during the middle of an impossibly busy working day, so if you are struggling to keep your eyes open then you can always have a good stretch. Stretching stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and will energize both your body and mind, which may just get you through the day.

4. A colour boost

It may seem like a bit of a strange tip but it is thought that the colour red can actual kick start your body into turbo performance mode. It is though that red will make your muscles move faster and harder which will result in a much needed energy drive! Plus a vase of red flowers looks really great on your desk!

5. Have a snack

There are plenty of foods available that can perk you up when you feel that you are lagging. Egg yolks, fruit, nuts & seeds, whole grain cereal and quinoa are amongst some of those natural treats that can see you easily get through the afternoon.

When you are feeling the slum of the day then make sure you give yourself a boost, a natural, healthy way and you will be sure to keep your eyes open long enough to see the results.