sensitive touching skin

Being a person with skin that is sensitive to touch I understand how annoying, uncomfortable, and frequently unbearable it can be. Now lets put a stop to your sensitive skin.


Sensitive skin can be linked to health problems, such as nutritional deficiencies & nerve problems.

Overexposure to the sun is also a common cause for skin that is sensitive to touch.

It can also be encouraged by the use of harsh skin care products that strip your skin's protective barrier & cause over sensitivity. These skin care products tend to be treatments designed for Acne, Eczema & other skin conditions. They can be great in the short term but in the long term they can damage your skin and cause more harm then good.

The important part….put a stop to sensitive skin

The best way to put a stop to your sensitive skin is to find the root cause.

You can also do the following to help prevent sensitive skin in the future:

  • Patch test skin care products before using them
  • Use 100% natural skin care products containing no essential oils
  • Cleanse & moisturise once a day (we don’t want to overdo it here, once a day is perfect for people with sensitive skin).
  • Improve your skin from within by introducing a daily fish oil supplement
  • If you don’t get enough vitamins & minerals in your diet take a daily multivitamin
  • Replace 1 energy drink/coffee/tea a day with a serving of matcha green tea