Spots are a right pain in the bum right? It feels like a losing battle but the truth is you can do things that will improve your skin. The key thing to remember: Spots occur due to a hormonal imbalance in your body & the use of aggravating/pore blocking products on your face.

Follow the steps coming up to get the clear skin you want:

Step 1: Put down the sugary drinks and replace them with water.

Step 2: If your a caffeine lover put down the energy drinks & coffee and replace them with the skin loving green tea & matcha green tea.

Step 3: Exercise at least 3 times a week to help reduce stress levels. Do something you enjoy!

Step 4: Say no to dairy products. They are packed full of naughty hormones. Be sure to get calcium from another source.

Step 5: Pick brown over white. For example brown rice instead of white rice. Brown= Slow release energy. White= A sugar spike & then dip.

Step 6: Use gentle skin care products designed for sensitive skin.

Your diet & lifestyle will affect your hormones. Make these changes to help balance your hormones & improve your skin. Print these steps out and pin them on the wall to help you get the skin you deserve.