Many have regarded matcha as a suitable meal replacement. However, it is not an established fact and may hold no truth to it. It may actually be close to defying logic, to regard a tea as light as matcha as a meal replacement.

No calories

It contains hardly any calories, which means it doesn't provide energy to be regarded as a meal replacement. Your best bet is to you use it alongside your meals as this will help to boost your metabolism.


Though, matcha does have various nutritional elements, but they cannot compensate for the nutrition of a proper meal. Matcha tea contains numerous vitamins such as, vitamin A, K, B-complex, E and C.

The abundance of vitamins allows the matcha tea to provide the body with resistance against disease and heat, inhibit oxidation and promote anti-aging.

The magic of theanine

The presence of amino acid theanine, in the matcha tea, ensures through its intake your body can facilitate by its detoxicating and anti-bacterial properties.

Super antioxidants

The antioxidants present in Matcha tea have been known to fight against free radical molecules, which can cause the body to suffer from chronic diseases.


So........Matcha tea can be used as a medicinal supplement/beauty agent/healthy tea, or it might be added to various dishes to increase their nutritional value, but it cannot be prescribed to be taken as a replacement for a meal.