chimp with sea buckthorn oilIf you had to describe the Sea Buckthorn Berry in four words – orange, soft, juicy, rich – would do the trick.  But rich?  Rich in what?  Rich in oil, protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  No wonder the world can’t get enough of this berry.  

Sea Buckthorn Oil is normally extracted from either the berry itself or their seeds.  Both have numerous benefits but it is benefits of using Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil we will putting in the spotlight, as this is the version we use in our products.

sea buckthorn oil benefits  

It is the anti-inflammatory agents that exist within the berry oil that helps reduce the disease that causes these skin complaints and ease any irritation or itching.  Then along comes the skin-nourishing vitamins to get your skin back on track to looking and feeling healthy.  These concentrated vitamins also work wonders on cuts, burns and scars – speeding up the healing process – reducing your need to scratch or pick at the scabs.  You might find it also does wonders for the unexpected sunburn you pick up on holiday too.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is also the perfect solution if you find yourself a little dry in those delicate areas – you know the ones – and the packaging doesn’t advertise where that dryness might be.  

The oil can also be taken orally and is a great way to get those bowel movements working like clockwork after a bad case of constipation.  You will also get a huge dose of vitamin C in the process – in fact – 12 times what eating one orange will give you.  Great if you really are not a fruity person.

Rumours are also increasing and it is believed that the essential fatty acids found in Sea Buckthorn Oil can help in the prevention of unwanted weight gain.  These claims are yet to be confirmed by scientists but the benefits of having Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil in your life has definitely got to be a smart move on your part.