Top tips to speed up your metabolism

Top tips to speed up your metabolism

These top tips will help you boost your flagging metabolism naturally and get you back on your feet and feeling great once more.

Start With a Good Breakfast
If you aren’t a breakfast person you’ll probably be rolling your eyes at once more being told how important it is (sorry!), however it really is. Eating a balanced, nutritional and protein rich breakfast will boost your digestion, increase your energy levels throughout the day and keep your body processing food at a sensible rate.

natural juicy watermelonWork Out and Feel Great
When you already live a busy life taking time out to go the gym or an exercise class, especially when your motivation level isn’t high to start with, is unlikely to be a habit you maintain for long. Instead find ways to increase your activity which doesn’t impact much on your schedule and doesn’t cost the earth. Walk instead of drive, invest in a cheap and cheerful pedometer and work on increasing your daily steps or enjoy a number of exercise videos and energetic activities you may do from home.

Get Plenty of Quality Beauty Sleep
When you are over-tired your appetite-stimulating hormones go into overdrive and this in turn results in a poor or sluggish metabolism. Make sure that you get plenty of rest and quality sleep, turning off distractions such as iPads or phones and relax properly before getting into bed.

Get Fishy and Enjoy the many Health and Metabolism Benefits
Omega-3’s, which typically come from eating a range of fish such as tuna, salmon and herring are great for regulating the metabolism, balancing blood sugars and some say reduce Leptin resistance which also helps to increase the fat burning rate.

Enjoy the Magic of Matcha Green Tea

Green tea & matcha green tea are taken around the world not only because it tastes great and has little caffeine; researchers hail green tea as a powerful antioxidant which boosts the metabolism and supports weight loss. If you don’t like it hot why not try drinking it iced?

Don’t Crash Diet
When you don’t consume enough calories your metabolism thinks you are fasting (or facing starvation) and so puts a hold on the fat burning and slows everything down to conserve energy. Crash diets are not healthy, will not make you feel good and won’t result in long term weight loss.

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