chimp with an itchAt PureChimp we are dedicated to producing 100% natural products that make your skin feel loved, nourished and sumptuously soft. But should this be done at the expense of our furry friends? Hell no! Here at Pure Chimp we love animals (especially apes!) and respect their right to live a life that’s free of lab cages and test swabs. That’s why none of our products are tested on animals and ALL of them are certified by The Vegan Society. It’s skincare with a conscience.

Sceptical? Try our Super One! The unique handmade blend of rare hemp seed wax, omega 3 & 6 and abundance of natural oils is living proof that taking care of dry, sensitive skin doesn’t have to involve nasty testing on innocent animals. This wondrous concoction is easily absorbed and has all sorts of benefits such as helping to repair, nourish and hydrate your skin, letting it breathe and reducing any inflammation.

For animal lovers that bring their passion to their diets, we’ve got you sorted too with our Super Tea, made from 100% pure matcha green tea leaves. 

These ethical values are embedded deep in our company morals and we promise to maintain them as our business grows and develops. When you use Pure Chimp products you can rest assured that they are 100% natural, vegan, animal friendly and are guaranteed to keep a smile on the faces of customers and chimpanzees alike!