red cheeks1. Use natural skin care products that are suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Use a diary or phone to take note of what triggers your skin redness. You will find a trend. You now know what food/drink triggers your Rosacea. Avoid them amigo.

3. Use our 100% natural super face combo 2

4. Swap your daily tea/coffee for super tea. As a bonus super tea has some feel food stuff in it.

5. Stress can be a pain in the bum. Be sure to do something you enjoy everyday to help reduce stress.

Food & drink, stress, weather, skin care products, cleaning your face, shaving are can all trigger inflamed skin. Keep an eye out to spot what triggers your skin redness.

Write these tips down, put them on your wall and follow them everyday.

Inflamed skin needs on going treatment. Follow these steps like your religion to help reduce redness in your skin.

Remember life is more fun when you feel confident in your skin.