Acne story. the truth has arrived!

Acne story. the truth has arrived!

acne faceThe Acne story all starts in your teens (for most people). One day you wake up and it all begins. It starts with a couple spots, which you're fine with. You think "hey I'm a teenager it's normal." But then more spots start appearing and your confidence starts to diminish.


Your self esteem is going and you're becoming paranoid that everybody is looking at your spots and thinking "look at that persons acne." The truth is most of the time you probably think it looks worse than it does. Most people tend to glance at people or just look into your eyes.

Firs Action

It all gets a bit much so you decide it's time to act. You grab yourself some harsh acne products and well, let's just say they do more harm than good. You try everything, topical lotions, over the counter spot products, Benzoyl Peroxide, an endless list of tablets and even Roaccutane.


Roaccutane gives you some temporary relief. But once you come off it the little buggers start coming back. Also Roaccutane can be dangerous and may have negative side effects. Regular trips to the dermatologist for blood tests are needed to monitor any risky side effects. Anyway you want a long term fix not a short one.

You may start to read up on the subject. Possibly taking a new approach like taking health supplements etc. One thing leads to another and now you are ready to finally crack it.

Long Term Results

All you need is a gentle skin care regime and a way to get to the root of the problem. It all starts from within. Acne starts when your hormones are going crazy. So how can you get them to calm down and then clear your skin?

The good news is there are lots of success stories. All the TRUE success stories come from genuine people in forums. Nearly every time it comes back to a few things: No dairy, only eat low GI food, drink plenty of water, reduce stress by exercising daily, go easy on the caffeine (Matcha Green Tea is a great alternative to Coffee or Tea) and have a simple & gentle skin care regime.

This is now becoming common knowledge in the scientific world and within 5-10 years everybody will be treating their Acne how we are telling you to.

Thanks for reading. 

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