Dry skin patches. how annoying?

Dry skin patches. how annoying?

Do you ever get those annoying dry skin patches? Most of us do and they can often be in crazy places. Nothing seems to ever get rid of them….


This may sound so simple and obvious but the key is to over do the moisturising. So go crazy and moisturise that dry skin patch at least 2 times a day.

As always use your favourite moisturiser. Make sure it is gently effective. A 100% natural moisturiser will work best. Keep it on your work desk & keep it in your handbag, so it is always within reaching distance. If you are a Male put it in your man bag.


You can also add a daily Vitamin B & Fish Oil into your diet to see if this helps. This works on the suppleness for your whole skin and it will also help with those annoying dry skin patches.

Who? What? Where? When?

Finally try to keep note of any patterns relating to your dry skin patches. Do they only occur when you are stressed or enjoying too much junk food? Do they only appear when you use a certain product on your skin? Or do they jump out of nowhere, maybe every time you have been for a swim?

These so simple yet so effective tips will help to clear your dry skin patches. 

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