Have you really used a natural cream?

Natural is becoming a buzz word that some companies are getting carried away with. The common term is "naturally derived." What does that mean? Have you really used a natural cream?

The Truth

What I can tell you is a true 100% natural face cream can do amazing things for your skin. But what is a 100% natural cream? The easiest way to explain this is by relating it to bread. 100% natural ingredients are the brown bread that has not been heavily processed, whereas natural derived ingredients are the white bread that has been heavily processed. And we all know that heavily processed foods lose a lot of their natural benefits.

Ingredients List

If you don’t recognise the ingredients in a product it is has probably been heavily processed. This is a great rule to take around with you when searching for a natural cream.


Whether it is for dry skin, sensitive skin, inflamed skin, spots itchy skin etc. If you find a true 100% natural cream it will probably give you the desired results. It is truly amazing what nature can do for your skin. The same goes for your diet. If you eat healthy unprocessed foods your skin will probably gain a glow.


There it goes. I hope this has helped you and that you haven’t been put off using true natural products because you have previously used products that claim to be natural. You will probably find the best place to find that special cream is from small niche companies who don’t mass produce their products for large retail shops.

A vegan bonus: If a product is 100% natural there is more chance of it being a vegan cream.

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It was a hard decision to make as the product was popular with a number of customers. Unfortunately as the company grew the face cream became too hard to mass produce & we therefore discontinued it :( I recommend our natural facial oil, which can be found here: https://purechimp.com/collections/skin-care/products/super-one


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