hemp oil benefitsHemp seed oil, made from completely natural ingredients, is a miracle worker for your skin. Typical moisturisers are packed with artificial ingredients and chemicals, how much can that really be good for your skin? Natural products such as hemp seed oil can make all the difference and we’ve got all the info on this natural skin booster below.

Benefits of hemp seed oil

It’s anti-clogging

The thought of using oil on your face may fill you with dread, but actually hemp seed oil is non-clogging which makes it great for helping to reduce pores and blackheads to give your skin a clearer appearance.

It helps to protect

Your skin is exposed to a number of nasties on a daily basis, including the environment and free radicals but using hemp seed oil as part of your skincare routine can actually help protect against these by infusing your skin with essential nutrients and stop you looking old before your time.

It’s an anti-inflammatory

We’ve all been there – your skin is spotty and swollen and most likely painful and red. Luckily hemp seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory which can help to reduce the size of spots and blemishes and calm your skin, reducing it back to its normal colour. This is a great benefit for people with sensitive skin.

It’s a great detox agent

Cheat your way to detoxed skin without going on a special diet, hemp seed oil is a fantastic moisturiser, which can help rid your skin of impurities and dirt. Contrary to popular belief, hemp seed oil doesn’t smell like weed – it has a pleasant fresh cut grass smell, which is bound to please the opposite sex.

It’s not really that oily

Despite being hemp seed ‘oil’, it actually has a drier consistency than other oils. In fact, for dry skin, it’s recommended that you combine it with some other kind of natural oil to help add some moisture. It really is a miracle product for all skin types!

Using natural skin products for your skin shows that you’re environmentally conscious and that you are in the know about how to take care of your skin. If your skin looks good, you’ll feel good and you can use that confidence to do anything, whether on the pitch, in the club or in class.