1. Metabolism boosting

Caffeine is in just about every weight loss pill, because it has such a great effect on the metabolism.

2. Kick-starting

Caffeine is often used with other medicines such as aspirin and ergotamine which treat headaches.

3. Diabetes defeating

 An eighteen year study conducted by Harvard university revealed that those who drink 1-3 cups of coffee daily are around 9% less likely to develop diabetes, while those who drank 6 or more cups a day cut their chances of diabetes by between 3-54% (it wasn’t recorded how easy they were to live with, though!). 

4. Parkinson’s preventing

Regular coffee/matcha green tea consumption can slash the development of Parkinson’s disease by as much as 80%.

5. Colon cancer confounding

Studies have shown that caffeine can help to reduce the risk of colon cancer.