Top 10 super foods

Top 10 super foods

1. Matcha Green Tea- in at number one is our all time favourite. It’s bursting with antioxidants & benefits.

2. Honey - how can something taste so good and be healthy?

3. Walnuts - a fantastic healthy snack.

4. Oats - high in fibre will help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

5. Salmon - full of juicy omega 3. Many of us need more of this in our life.

6. Spirulina - new hot product. Boosts your immune system and helps to remove toxins from your blood.

7. Tomatoes - the great news is we all tend to get plenty of them in sauces. Yes tomato ketchup counts.

8. Blueberries - packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, these berries are also high in potassium and vitamin C, making them the top choice of doctors and nutritionists.

9. Beans - an amazing protein alternative to meat.

10. Spinach - Popeye loves it. Do we need to say anymore?

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