We have put together our top detox foods for the summer; giving you the inspiration to embark on your very own healthy eating plan and hopefully feel the benefits in no time at all.


Cucumber is the perfect addition to any summer salad. But what you might not know is that is how it can help your body.

  • Cucumber helps your body to flush out all the toxins from your body; this is due to their high water content
  • They are also low calorie too; in fact half a cup of sliced cucumbers only has 8 calories


Watermelon is a food that can be found in abundance during the summer. Not only is it refreshing and tastes great it is also good for you too.

  • It helps to create arginine in your body which is responsible for removing ammonia and toxins from your system
  • Watermelons are high in fibre which is important for boosting your digestive system
  • They also contain glutathione which improves liver function and detox’s your body


Celery is one of the only foods out there that burns more calories than it puts into our bodies. It is made from around 95% water and is rather surprisingly packed full of fibre which is great for your digestive system.


Blueberries are known to be one of the most healing foods out there. But why?

  • Blueberries have been shown to reduce inflammation throughout the body
  • They also are known to have vital antiviral properties which will block toxins from reaching the brain from the blood


Summer making you feel like you want to enjoy a refreshing drink in the garden? If it is then make sure you pop a mint leaf or two in there.

Mint is not only cooling on the hottest days but mint is also known to give your digestive system a helping hand too. This is because it helps bile flow from the liver, to the gallbladder and onto the small intestine; where it is responsible for breaking down fats.

Don’t forget Matcha

What detox plan would be complete without Matcha? No matter whether you enjoy it in a smoothie, make it into ice cream or perhaps just indulge in a warm cup of an evening; Matcha has a whole host of benefits that can have you feeling great in no time at all. Weight loss, energy boosting and rich in antioxidants, it is the ideal addition to your healthy eating transformation.

Yummy Matcha Video