6 Moves For Slimmer Hips And Thighs

6 Moves For Slimmer Hips And Thighs

Routine exercise is important for one to live a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that the moves that will help to slim the tush, and the legs are best done after a cardio workout. They can also be incorporated into the daily routine of exercises that involve strength. It is advisable to do these exercises three to four times every week. There are several equipment’s that are needed to do these moves and they include dumbbells (5-15 lbs) and a resistance loop. The following moves will help you to get slimmer thighs and hips:

Balancing Squat

A balance challenge will help to shape the boots, hips, and the abs. The balancing squat starts when standing up with the feet apart than the hip width. Maintain a neutral spine and keep the chest in a lifted position. While in this position, try to reach both of your arms to the floor as you move downwards into a deep squat. If it is possible, you can tap the floor. When you are pressing up, you need to shift weight into the right leg. At the same time, bend the left knee and then grab the shin using the left hand. You can then hold for a count and then get back to the starting position. Attempt doing up to 20 reps. While doing so, ensure you alternate sides.

Shifting Side Lunge

If you combine your moves perfectly, then be sure to enjoy the benefits of squats. They are essential and have a great for the thighs and the hips. With the move, you have to start with the feet together as you hold dumbbells. Then try taking a wide step to the right as you lower down into a side lunge position. Then attempt to reach the dumbbells on either the left or the right side. This should be followed by bending the left knee and then shifting your weight to your two legs, and be in a wide squat position. Then try reaching the weight ahead or in front of you. In doing this, extend the left leg while shifting the weight to the left and as you move into a side lunge with the left leg. After doing this, push off your left foot, bring the legs together and then get back to the starting position.

Side-Stepping Curtsy

The side- stepping curtsy challenges your thighs while targeting the hips as well as your glutes. Always start while standing straight, facing forward and ensure that the legs are apart (wider than a hip apart). Get into a curtsy lunge position after crossing the right leg behind the left one. Then, stand up quickly and return to the starting or original position. Alternate the sides, as you continue with the moves, and ensure you do at least 20 reps.

Hinging Deadlift

The move is essential for the hamstrings, and also works for strengthening the lower back as well as the glutes. Bend the knees a little and hold a pair of dumbbells, but ensure the feet are a distance apart, as more than a width apart. Then hold the dumbbells in front of the thighs and ensure that your palms are facing in. Ensure the spine remains neutral. Then you need to hinge forward away from the hips, trying to get or reach the weights to the floor. Do this until your torso feels in a position closest to or parallel to the floor. Shift the focus and try to use the glute to raise the body up. Finally, you can return to the original or start position. Try doing 20 reps for the move.

Side-Lying Position

This is an essential skinny jeans workout. After looping a resistance band on the knees, you need to lie down on the right side while the right arm extends to the floor. The left hand, however, should be in front of the body to provide support. Attempt to raise the bottom leg in front of the leg that is on top. Then you should lift it up to the roof. Ensure that the hips are stacked and that you have maintained tension on the bands. Pulse the bottom leg up and then down several times and then start again and switch sides.

External Hip Raise

This will work for the hips and also strengthen your muscles. You start by looping a resistant band on the ankles. You then need to lie on the right. Ensure to support the upper body with the right forearm and hand. Flex the feet and extend both your legs. Keeping the tension on the resistance bands, rotate the legs and try turning the toes to face the floor. Try to lift the leg on the top, a little higher than the hip and rotate the heels up to the roof. Then return to the hip height and try to do it again. After doing the exercise for 20 times, switch the sides.

Evidently, you have several moves to get slimmer thighs and hips. The best move that will help you to get slimmer thighs and hips include shifting side lunge, side stepping curtsy, side-lying position, external hip raise, hinging dead lift. Fortunately, they are simple. Be consistent with the workouts to improve your shape. You can have a plan in which you do each on a different day. Use them for quicker and satisfying results.

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