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Yoga originated through a collection of songs and stories and from these ancient texts came much loved characters. Many yoga poses are based on them.

Our personal favourite at Sardinia Yoga

Hanuman - a mischievous monkey. We were therefore delighted to discover PureChimp's matcha green tea - a product with benefits to match the strength of this cheeky chimp and a logo with a similar twinkle in his eye.

About Hanuman

We are told that Hanuman was fearless and loyal, making him capable of the impossible. Legend has it that he took one giant leap across the ocean to outwit some ‘baddies’. This story inspires yogis to work towards the ‘splits’ - an elusive asana for many of us, and like the most challenging of poses it feels more achievable when approached from a relaxed but brave place.

Hanuman was able to shapeshift on demand and could also move mountains. As I type I can’t help thinking we should all channel this superhero of chimps into our daily lives. Taking just one step across a vast ocean is an analogy of what we feel we need to do some days. Those nine to five, Monday to Friday days where we are expected to achieve the impossible.

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Perhaps what Hanuman was really doing was taking a leap overseas to a Sardinia Yoga retreat where he could sip matcha and practice yoga in sunnier climes ;-)

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