Protein on the go; healthy snacks that are perfect for busy lives

There are many reasons why people will want to enjoy a high protein snack during their day. Whether it is for an energy boost or perhaps to prepare yourself for a visit to the gym; munching on a bit of protein is a great move for everyone.

Mini Bean and Cheese Quesadilla

Now this particular snack does require pre preparation, but we think it is completely worth it! Cook ½ cup of black beans, 1 tablespoon of salsa and 1 slice of cheddar cheese between two small wheat tortillas. Not only does this taste AMAZING but it is packed full of protein, fibre and even calcium. The perfect healthy treat! 

Nut Butter

Anyone who knows about Nut Butter knows that it is one of the best ways to grab some protein as well as stay healthy. There are a few varieties of nut butter available which includes almond, walnut and cashew and you can enjoy it on its own.

However, we think it is great when mixed with a fruit (or vegetable of your choice.) Apples work great if you scoop out the middle and fill with nut butter, or if you are a fan of celery you could pop some of the butter in the middle of the stick before crunching down!

Edamame Beans

A delicious treat that you will find in Asian restaurants across the globe; these lean, green, protein machines are not only easy to prepare, but are just as easy to snack on too.

You can buy them fresh and steam them before heading out for the day; or you can even buy a pre-cooked frozen variety that simply need defrosting. Perfect for busy people!

Crack on with some tuna

Canned tuna is a great source of protein as well as having Omega 3 fatty acids (which everyone knows is fantastic for you.) So why not use it for your mid-afternoon snack mixed up and popped on some whole wheat crackers! Crunchy and delicious!

Go Greek with granola

Greek yoghurt not only tastes pretty darn good but it is packed full of probiotics, calcium and protein too. We think the ideal snack is to add in some crunchy granola to make it great for a pre lunchtime workout!

We know that eating healthy can be eating delicious too. So why not up your protein intake and enjoy some tasty snacks today?


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