8 bad habits to break today!

1-   Not taking care of your skin

Your skin is incredibly important; after all it is the only one you will ever have. At the very least you should try to make sure that you wash your face every night to remove all the impurities that have built up over the day. But even better is to use a high quality skin cream every night to keep your skin looking refreshed and clear! Oh and don’t forget the suncream when the sun finally makes an appearance.

2-   Letting your friends down

We all know that life can get on top of us. But that doesn’t mean that you should forget those people that make life worthwhile. Meeting up with your friends, especially when you are feeling exhausted and stressed, is great for your happiness levels and can remind you that life is pretty darn great!

3-   Feeling guilty when things go well

It’s a strange human reaction; feeling bad when your life is going well. But there is something imprinted within us to worry about how others will judge us. Of course there are times that a new job, or perhaps being able to start up a business may cause some of those people around you to feel jealous about where your life is heading. Ignore them and enjoy your life. After all, you have earnt it!

4-     Waiting for the one to come along

We all want to feel love and be loved in return. But it seems that for some of us, the determination to be cared for by another human can become an obsession. Rather than worrying about when he or she will turn up. Why don’t you get out there and live your life. You never know when they might turn up for you!

5-   Social Media obsession

Whilst social media can be great to keep in touch with friend and family that may live far away; it can also become a bit of an obsession. Whether it is inciting envy in other people’s wonderful lives or over sharing on your own some people have found that they have a bad case of Facebook-itis.

Put down the phone, stop liking those pictures and integrate yourself back into the real world!

6-      Not exercising

Not all of us are destined to become hardcore gym bunnies. But all of us should exercise at least a couple of times a week. Now this doesn’t mean heading to the gym and lifting weights. Instead why not plan in a nice long walk with the dog or head to the park and run around with your kids? Your body and mind will thank you for it!

7-   Not volunteering

One thing that we are all guilty of is not giving back to society. Lack of time and a stressful lifestyle means that many of us would rather spend our free time relaxing. This is of course completely understandable; however if you do have some time to spare why not offer yourself to a shelter, a charity shop or perhaps even just reading to people in hospital. Not only will you be giving back but you will feel pretty great about it too!


8-     Not doing the things that you love

Much like volunteering, it seems that many people simply do not put time aside to indulge themselves in those things that they enjoy. Cookery, knitting, reading or writing. All of these things are put on the backburner while life takes over. We say, grab that pot off the stove and put your feet up and relax!

Taking care of yourself means more than just eating well. It means doing things you love and that make you feel great too!



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